Bakezaletasuna (Martin Luther King) (dbh4)

We have studied the meaning of several movements for peace and non-violence, we have tried to analyze the ethical background of these movements.

Now, we are going to watch the famous speech that Martin Luther King offered in Washington: “I have a dream”. You can read the whole text of the speech here, M.L.King_I have a dream,  and you can also watch the youtube documents that is has attached.  (With subtitles in spanish)

After that, you are asked to write a short essay, in euskara and in English, and write it on the blog. You should offer your opinion about M.L.King, about his work for the afro-americans’ rights and about non-violence, from an ethical point of view. Thanks a lot.


  1. Lucia Larrañaga Alegre dio

    It is a pity that this kind man has ended that way. He only wanted equality for humanity, he respected those of his race as much as everyone else. He had a dream that in the future everyone could be the same without making any kind of disdain for those with dark skin. He was a good man and asked for something that would be better for everyone, and that’s what he said in his speech.
    Because even just hearing it sounds unpleasant that even on the buses there were different seats for people of different color and that one day they would have tortured a dark-skinned woman to sit on the side of the white people because their side was full and there was no room.

  2. Denali Martinez dio

    Martin Luther King-en bideoak arrazakeriari buruz hitz egiten du. Gauzak nola egongo ziren dena hobetuko bazen adierazten du, bera kapitolioan jarrita. Baita ere, beltzen injustiziak eta nola tratatzen dituzten. Baina King-eri esker, diskriminazioa gutxitu egin zen herrialde askotan eta beltzen botatzeko eskubidea lortu zuen. Horrek poztasun handia ekarri zuen, hala ere, diskriminazioak jarraitzen zuen, baina gutxiago.
    Iruditzen zait King-ek egin zuena balio handia daukala. Bere iritzia eman zuen milaka eta milaka pertsonen aurrean eta oso ondo hartu zuten gehienak.
    Bakearen nobela ematea merezi zuen eta lortu zuen. Oso pertsonaia garrantzitsua iruditzen zait eta espero ez galtzea historian zehar.

  3. Iker Etxeberria dio

    It is a shame that this man had ended in that way. His objective was the equality for all the humans, he respected everyone. He had a dream, it was that everyone in the future could be the same without making any kind of disdain to those who had dark skin.
    He asked for something which would be better for everyone, that appears in his speech. One day, a black women how sat on the white’s side, because there was no place in the other side, then she was tortured. That was because in the buses where different places for black and white persons.

  4. Maddi Calero dio

    M.L. King´s message was that his dreamt will do posible in the future and is that the black people will took part in the election. But this idea take a lot os time and they had to work together and they will got it. A lot of people got together with him but lot of people didnt think the same and there are the white people and they had lot of armamet and militars so they had lots of problems. His speech put a lot of people were agree with him.

    In lot of years they were foughting but finally they got that dream.

  5. Aitor Santana dio

    Martin luther king oso pertsona garrantzitsua da gaur egungo Estatu Batuen historioan berak lortu bai zuen Estatu batuetan pertsona beltzek boto eskubidea edukitzea.
    Gainera Estatu batuetako presidentea isatera iritsi zen baina hil egin zen tirokatuta,
    hitzaldi oso garrantzitsua eman zuen washingtonen eta Estatu Batuen historiora pasa zen hitzaldi horretan zenbait esaldi garrantzitsu esan zituen I HAVE A DREAM eta IS THE ONLY WAY.

  6. Lara Martin dio

    We have listened to the speech that Martin Luther King said at the Washington Capitol. It is sad that blacks continue to suffer injustice but thanks to King, discrimination diminished in the most racist states. He got the right to black vote to come true.

    His way of fighting against the government is very inspiring, he never used violence and he always tried to solve all the problem in a ethical way.

    He has a dream, where the equality is important to live, where all the people has the same rights and where the black has the freedom that white humans had a long time ago.

    I think that he has been a heroe for the humanity in this planet. I really like the his way to think and fight to beat all the injustices that this world already has.

  7. Ander Arambarri dio

    I think Martin Lurther king Jr did a great job for the black people rights. He was a politician but he spent all his life helping other people until he was killed in 1968. he protested against the goverment but in a pacific way he had never used the violence he had only used the words. The speech in front of capitoly is the thing that most people remember from him with sentences like “Is the only way” or “I have a dream” .

  8. Iker Maldonado dio

    Hitzaldia beltzen buruzko eskubideei buruz zijoan.beltzak ezaten zuen denak berdinak izan behar giñatekeela eta dena berdina edukitzea.diskurtso onetan bukaeran esaten duena da denak berdinak izan behar gardera.

  9. Mitxel Alkorta dio

    Martin Luther King wanted black people to have the same rights the white people have. He made a big effort and after a lot of threatens by the CIA, who tried to break his marriage, but his wife believed in him. He fought all over his life for black people and black people fought for him.

    He was killed five years later the black people could vote in ellections.

  10. Ali el Jamay dio

    In my opinion Martin Luther king contributed in a lot of diferent things. He said the truth about that days when the black people was discriminated. In the speech he defend that all the people in the world need to have the same rights, no matter what color you were. He helped a lot of people with his fight. he also wanted to get the rights without violence and i think that he was a brave person for doing that.

  11. Joritz Astigarraga dio

    Martin luther Kingenk hitzaldi bat eman zuen . Hitzaldi hartatan pertsona beltzen eskubideak defendatu zituen behin eta berriz. Martin Luther Kingnek zion Estatu Batuetan pertsona beltzak eta pertsona zuriak guztiak berdinak izan behar zutela eta eskubide berdinak eduki behar zituztela. Hitzaldi hartan bertan esan zuen ametsak zituela, Alabama, Mississipi eta hegoaldeko herrialde guztiak petsona beltzak duintasunez tratatu hau da pertsona zuriak bezala. Martin Luther Kingek hitzaldi hau eman eta bost urtera hil egin zuten 39 urte zituela, estatuak aginduta beltzentzako eskubide gehiago eskatzen jarraitzen zuelako.

  12. Leire Aldalur dio

    Martin Luther King Jr. was and is a very inspiring person, because he wanted to achieve the equality between black and white people. The best part of it was that he didn’t use the violence as a way to get the equality, but he achieved it by speaking and giving speeches.
    This made people think about what was going on, and he encouraged people to help them get the equality they wanted. His most important speech was the one he gave at the capitol of Washington, called “I have a dream”. Sadly, he got murdered because of his thoughts.
    That’s why is a person who deserves being respected. Nowadays, Luther King can be considered as one of the most important inspirational persons. From my point of view, what he did was really meaningful, and I can say that I agree with him, because everyone deserves being respected, it doesn’t matter what skin colour you are.

  13. Arantzazu Hernandez dio

    Martin luter king estatu batua da eta beltzak botak botatu laiket eta martin luter king lehedakariak hitzeitea juen da eta lasterketa txuriarekin billera heukitzen ditu. zubitik pazatzen ditu

  14. Manu Sanchez dio

    In my point of view, Martin Luther King helped so much defending black people´s rights with his speeches. His most famous words were ”I have a dream” and ”The time is now”, and with this words, he made black people to think about the opression that the afro-americans were suffering and to do something to fix it, specially in the south. Although he wanted to be respected, he wanted to get the rights without violence; and that is what made him a wonderful person. I think that without violence you can achieve a lot of things, and Martin Luther King is a prove of it

  15. June Larrañaga dio

    Martin Luther King was a black man who only wanted to defend black people’s rights. He fight against the discrimitation to black people. In that moment these people weren’t able to vote, enter to shops…

    People from different contry went to support Martin. They made demonstrations to get de equality of humanity. de

    Unfortunatelly Martin was killed.
    I think we still have a lot to do. Nowadays black people suffer this tipe of discrimination.

  16. Ainhoa Espinoza dio

    Martin Luther King is like God for black people in America, United States. He is the one who fought, next to other black people, for the rights of black people. He was a very good man. He just wanted the best for the next generation. To have equality between black and white people. M.L King had a dream, that in the future everyone could play, talk, go for a walk… or basically do anything together, as brothers and sisters.
    He gave this speech in front of the capitolium in Washington. A lot of people from different places and countries of the world, black and white, children and adult, boys and girls. He made people reconsider their way of thinking. And in the end black people got the right to vote for their rights as human being.
    My idea of all this, is that he was a big and kind man. Who put others before him. Thanks to him, people in America have the right to vote. Just by thinking how the black people lived, is unbelievable. They even had different seats on buses for black and white people.
    The conclusion that I have about all this is that, no matter where you are from or where you are going, whats your skin colour… that we have to learn to respect everyone. And that one day their will be pace in the world.

  17. Enara Salgado dio

    Martin Luther King was a priest. He really wanted the equiality for humanity. He fighted until the end to get that, exactly to black people be able to vote free and without any problems.
    He really hated the injustice, and he had a really important dream: that in a future everybody could be the same in front the law becouse we all are people and we all have to have the same laws and rights.

    He tried and tried again until he got it. Sadly, he was killed 3 years after he got it, but his name still beeing in our mouths becouse he is a really important referent.

  18. Maite Epelde dio

    The message of M.L.King is part of the history of America. Black people from South America fight for their rights to vote. Martin made a speech in Washington DC and a lot of people went there. They all were fighting aobout their rights. King said that he had a dream where all people in the world will live with each other in peace and black people will get the right to vote. He wanted to end the racism. After this speech and much time fighting they got the right to vote. Unfortunately, M.L.King were killed 5 years later.

    He done a very good job. People around the world made their mind about what was happening and they started to help black people. Now we can’t go back, we have to follow fighting for more rights. One day, there will be peace in the world.

  19. Fatima Hamou dio

    “I have a dream” words highlighted by Martin Luther King, defender of civil rights.
    The long struggle of black Americans to achieve a goal of voting in elections.
    Her dream was to have the people black the same rights, oportunites , laws like the whaites.In the first the situation to conbate was difficult like war althaught that he conbate the word and the people who do not need that .
    He is a brave and daring person. And very smart for not using violence.

  20. Naroa Aranguren dio

    He only wanted equality for humanity, he respected those of his race os much as everyone else. He had a dream that in the future everyone could be the same without making any kind of disdain for those dark skin. He was a good man and he cared about them. But the fight about the discrimitation was very difficult because the CIA threated him. But finaly he got it.
    And he was killed five years later

  21. Oier Agirretxea dio

    It was such a huge injustice that the white American people did not allow black skin people to inscribe for voting. Until Martin Luther King Jr. started to try to make a change in the Americans thinking, the whole country was an incredible disbalance in favour of the white skin people. MLK Jr wanted to change that and make an unthinkable effort nobody did it before. the army didnt let him at the beggining, there were some fights that white militar people won them easily and, unfortunately, a lot of people ended hurt. Finally, MLK JR achieved the rights of vote. Some years later, Martin Luther King Jr was killed, but his effort has been recognised and will never be forgotten.

  22. Eire Gomez dio

    M.L.King only wanted equality for humanity. He had a dream that in the future everyone could be the same without making any kind of disdain for those with dark skin. He was a good man and asked for something that would be better for everyone, and that is what he said in his speech.

    In that speech lot of peolpe were agree with him. He achieved what he wanted. In lot of yeras they were fougthing but finally they got it. He fougth a lo for his dream and that gave him to the death.

  23. Maria Etxaniz dio

    Martin Luther King was a priest, he only wanted the equality for humanity. He said that black children and white children would have to play together and had opportunities together.
    He had a dream, that in the future everyone could be the same without using any kind of violence with those with dark skin. A dream that all black people could breath the same changes, the same opportunities, the same laws us white people.
    They only want resolve speaking and white people convert the problem in violence.
    He tried and tried to get the human right to vote and they protest until white people allowed them.

  24. Aissa Amamou dio

    It is so sad how this honorable, brave and courageuos man’s life story ended. Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most important man who had put his legs in the earth planet, the reason of why we should take him like an example is that he gave his life for his race. He tried all the possible solutions to resolve the biggest problem of the United States, racism. White people felt superior to blacks and whites had the right of vote, we couldnt say the same about the blacks.
    But Martin Luther king reached his dream and rights between the races we equaled.

  25. Federico Ayuso dio

    M.L.King represent the rights of black people in this speech M.L. King he want to the and black and white have a good trato. Because he wants an American with a great nation.
    that was her dream.

  26. Javier Lete dio

    Arthur Luther King did a speech about the diferences of white and black mans. One of the reason that nowadays black and white mans have the same rights is that speech. Arthur Luther King fought in favour of black people but whitout violence and this speech is a example of that, he repeated a lot of times that they didn’t have to use violence. “I have a dream, that one day, all, white mans and black mans could live like brothers and sisters” that was a very famous sentence that he said in that speech.
    I think this speech is a very important thing to the history of the world becouse it defend the rights of every black mans.

  27. Jakes Agirrezabal dio

    Marthin Luther king was a man that wanted the rights for the black skined people and finally, despite they shot him after he gave his discussion he made it. He was a very pacifist man, he never use and would use the violence. He in the speech use very appropiate words to defend the rights of the blacks. He wanted to abolish the slavery of the blacks. He died 5 years later of this speech.

  28. Xabier Larrañaga dio

    This man, Martin Luther King, made this speech for the equality between the blacks and the whites. In his speech, he said that he want something that would be good or better for everyone. Also, he made this speech because there were different seats for people with different colour in stations, buses, bathrooms… And if you sat down in a different place, they punished you. This speech is one of the most important moment of the world.
    I think that the idea of this man is a brilliant idea for equality but it is painful to do this because the equality had to be without doing this.

  29. Aimar Garate dio

    Martin lutherrek nahi zuena bakarrik zen gizartearekiko berditasuna. Esaterako beltzek txurien berdintasun igualak edukitzea. Baita nahi zuen danontzat errespetua. Gainera esaten du amets bat duela denak igualak garela berdintasuna dagoela baita errespetua dagoela denen artean. Esaten zuten oso gizon ona zela eta askoz hobea izango zela hitzaldian esan zuena eta gero. Baita autobuseko eserlekuak kolores aldatu ziren.

    In my opinion, it was a very important person for both the speech and for the other things, but in the speech, he would become a very good and important person. Equally, what he wanted was equality and respect among all and equality between blacks and whites.

  30. Yassine Hammou dio

    Mr King wanted freedoms for everyone and made many demonstrations for his dream. The black deaths of the future were also thankful for the vote to give their vote.
    Mr King was killed after obtaining the right to vote.

  31. Iñaki Pablos dio

    It’s a shame this guy finished like that. He only wanted a balanced humanity where the black people and the white people have the same rights.
    In my opinion Martin was very brave, because in those years there were a lot of injustices and he was in the crosshairs of all. A lot of people wanted to kill him so he was all time in dangerous. He got his reward, he got what he proposed.
    THe injustice was very huge that when he said his speech, he was killed by racist people. I think M. L. King has been one of the most importan person in the black people history

  32. Aimar Platero dio

    I think that was a piy that Martin Luther King has ended as he did after all good actions he had done in favour of his black brothers trying to get the rights to vote.
    Lots of people had been hitter and some of them killed only for supporting what Luther King said. He gave a speech in 1963, the famous speech of ”I have a dream” and in 1968 he was murdered. In my opinion he should not have been killed becaus he was a person that wanted to find the peace between the black and white people.

  33. Aroa Iraola dio

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who fought against the government and all the white people. He fought to get the right of vote, to get that he did not use violence, he protested without violence and he wanted to finished with the racism between the withe anlos niños eran apartadosd the black people. los niños eran apartadoslos niños eran apartados
    He wanted to finished with the indifferences. For example in the busses where dlllos niños eran apartadosos niños eran apartadosos niños eran apartadoslos niños eran apartadosifferent seat for black and white people, the black boys and girls where separated. They llos niños eran apartadosos niños eran apartadosdid not have the same rights like the white people. The answer of the government in front of this manifestations was that they had to start working. But to start working they needed the right to vote wich the did not have.
    The only thing that M.L. King Jr. wanted was to get the equality between the Negro and the white people.
    M.L. King Jr. was killed in 1968, five years later. And nowadays he is remember like the hero of the Negros.

  34. Jokin Aizpuru Soraluce dio

    To start with, Marthin Luther King was a man that wanted the rights for the black skined people and finally, despite they shot him after he gave his discussion he made it, he got the rights for the black skined people. He wanted black children play with the white children.
    He tried and worked hard to achieve his dream and finally, he achieved it.

    In my opinion, he was a good man that couldn stand to live in a society that his rights were different because his skin was different from the other people so he tried to change that so I agree with him in his decisions and I think that he made a big progress on the society and has more merit because he achieved his dream without violence and I would do the same.

  35. Amina Hammou dio

    Martin Luther King was an incredible man from my point of view, because he saved a lot of poor people who hadn´t any rights and were really bad treated in America, so he couldn’t see more things like this happening in his country. Then he decided to start fighting again racism because he saw that in his country the situation was very bad and the negros couldn’t vote.

    At first he didn’t get what he wanted but he didn’t give in his fight, and a lot of more people both, black and white joined him in his fight.

    M.L.King made a lot of speeches to show to the people what was happening in America and what were the negros suffering all that years. Thanks to that speeches a lot of humans decided to help the negros in all that suffering.

    In 1968 M.L.King was killed by someone and i think that he dindn´t deserve all that suffer in his death because he was a really good man and he made a lot of things for the poor people and he get to break free all the negros.

  36. Alicia Ramos dio

    Martin Luther King was a man who wanted the equality for all the people with out looking at the color of the skin. In the speech he explained his dreams that one day all the people will be acepted and all the persons will have the same rigths, they never used the violence.

  37. Irene Mateos dio

    M.L.King fought against racism and wanted to achieve the right to vote for the Negro people. For that he used methods that didn´t involve violence: he did speaches to Negro people trying to encourage them to fight for their rights and he spoke to the president several times trying to convince him to help them. He was a religious person and he thought that all people, white and black, were equal and had to have the same rights, because God created them equally. After a lot of work, suffering and effort he got what he wanted and what every Negro people wanted: the right to vote and freedom, in 1963.
    But, in 1968, he was killed by someone. He will always be remembered as a hero.

  38. Ouassila Hajji dio

    Martin made a speech in Washington in front of a lot of people speaking about the life of black people and that we have to change and treat everyone equally. 5 years later they kill Martin.

  39. Sara Bastida dio

    This kind of situations are so unfair. Martin was a very good man and he did lot of things to made all the rights of human people same for everyone.
    Each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity. Martin, didn´t think with himself in any instant. He always wanted the best for everyone and specifically for those with black skin. He made lots of protest to ask for the right ofthe vote, which in that time, black skin people didn´t have.
    We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings.

  40. Ruben Amaro dio

    This is a exemplary person becouse he made a lot for the people like him and he showed tha we don’t have to use violence to get what we want.All the people have the rights to have a vote an live in freedom undependently the colour of the skin.

  41. Garazi Salas dio

    This speech has become one of the most important historic moments of the world. Martin Luther King fought for the rights of black people. He reunited thousands of people in Washington to speak about the situation that black people had lived. “But one hundrer years later, the Negro is still not free” is a phrase that he repeated lots of times. He wanted to emphasize the importance of iguality between black and white people. A big amount of people died only because they were black. One of the most important things that Luther King says in the speech is that He has a dream. “I have a dream, that one day… One day my children will not be judged just because of their skin colour. I have a dream lots of dreams.

    From my point of view, this is an historic moment. Everyone has the same rights, even if they are black. Even if they are white. We shouldn’t take into account the appearance of the people. They have reached lot of things, but this hasn’t still finished. There is a lot to do.

  42. Markel Albizuri dio

    M.L.King was an ispiration of all the people to challenge the injustice. He was a man that manifest her self and all the ideas of color people. In the video apeare Lutherking in front of the white house saying that he has a dream, and he said that someday in this nation injustice will disappear.
    What he wanted was for people of color or another race to have the possibility to bote.
    Also we must say that saying the things he said in those days he put his life in danger.

  43. Naroa Alzas dio

    I love the film of Martin Luther King. I have known about this film for a long time, and about “ I have a dream´´ too. I hate the situation that was in USA at that time. I think black people should had the same rights as the rest of the people, but it wasn´t like that. And when M.L. King saw that, start fighting to change that situation. He mades a lot of things and the most important thing he did, was writing “I have a dream´´.
    He spoke for all the people in Washington. He said that he wanted to vote, to go with white people in the same bus, to not to live apart in bad streets…
    After saying that, all the things start changing. He did a lot for black people.

  44. Andrea Redondo dio

    “I have a dream” That’s what he said in his famous speech. That dream was about the freedom of black people, that couldn’t vote and have a voice in their country. I think that all type of people, all races, all religions… should have the right to vote, because we are the same, and we have to help each other, we don’t have to exclude other people because of the color of their skin. I feel blessed because I have a very good life, but it’s a pity that now a days it stills the racism and all those bad things against black people. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very good person, he deserve that award, and he made a very good job.

  45. Julen Goenaga dio

    Martin was a man who wanted equality and freedom for humanity. He fought with non violence vs. the government. All the black people had the right of vote but the government didn’t lend them. He only want the best for everyone. Everyone had the ritght of voting and the freedom. He made lots of protest while he was putting his life in danger. He made lots of speach to involve people fighting for their rights.

  46. Naroa Alberdi dio

    Martin Luther King wanted equality for humanity, he wanted everyone to be respected. The dream he had was that in the future all the people could be the same independently of the color of the skin. He also dreamt anyone could have the right to vote.
    Luther King, never used the violence to express his ideas, he always gave his opinion talking and saying the things in a right way. He gave his life for his race.
    In my opinion, this man is a very good man and all the things he had done, were to help to the humanity. He was so brave doing all that and i think he has become one of the icons of the world.

  47. Danel Fernandez dio

    Martin Luther King represents the rights of black people.In this speech wants America became a great nation. Martin Luther King want a change in the constitution, to dark-skinned can seats in the same place and vote next president like white people.Three hundred years the first president of America Abraham Lincoln refuse the slavery to black people but in 60´s white people tortured black people until kill black people.In 1968 Martin Luther king was assasinated in Memphis.

    In my opinion Martin Luther King was a great person because is a fighter and defend the rights of black people it doesn´t matter what faith did you have Martin Luther King had a dream

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